The excerpt to the left, from Henry Beston's work The Outermost House, helps put the vision of Animal Wellness Centers in context.

In fact, try this mental exercise: Imagine the Earth with no animals at all. Then, imagine that one day suddenly animals appear. They would seem like magical beings - animated creatures like something from a dream. This is similar to how an American might feel encountering the "exotic" animals in Australia, and vice versa. In our daily routines, it's easy to become desensitized to the magic of all animals. At Animal Wellness Centers, we celebrate that we humans can have such strong friendships and close bonds with animals, but we remember that they are "other nations," and as such deserve the accompanying respect. We also celebrate that we are all together in this "net of life and time," and we should all strive to make the most of our lives. Animal Wellness Centers' mission is to promote the quality of life of our companion animals by offering the best possible veterinary care and supporting wellness products and services. The Venice/Marina del Ray Flagship Center was even designed to highlight the human-animal bond. Our vision, in alignment with Henry Beston's eloquent articulation, led Dr. Annie to develop the Animal Wellness Approach to animal healthcare. Click here to learn more.